4 Criteria For Hiring A Songwriter

March 19, 2020 at 4:00 AM
A good songwriter is the most important ingredient in your next hit song.

Finding a talented songwriter to join your group can prove to be a challenging task. Songwriters have the power to influence the overall perception and longevity of your band. It is paramount that the songs your group produces are in line with your overall brand image so you can cultivate a strong fan base and attract the attention of various record labels. It is important to take notes during auditions and have a plan in place to hire talent that will enrich your group, and bring your music to the next level. Below we’ve laid out some important things to look out for when seeking to hire a songwriter.

Be very discerning.

Look for values that are in line with the way your team collaborates creatively. When you bring someone else into the mix, you want to ensure that they will become a viable asset and preserve a strong presence for the group. Your songwriter is your captain and conductor, so make sure you are looking for the right values before making a decision.

Good personality.

Your songwriter will most likely serve as a frontman. It is important to make sure that you choose someone with a riveting stage presence who can address a crowd well. Do your research to make sure that your songwriter is comfortable performing in front of large crowds and in a wide array of different settings. Utilize resources like social media pages, YouTube channels, and personal websites to get a better picture of who you might be working with next.

A team player.

Music is about harmony and when you’re in a session it helps if your songwriter is open to constructive feedback. Musical groups function at their optimum level when everyone is working as a team. There is an unfortunate reality in the music industry that certain artists can be arrogant and close-minded towards different perspectives. Look for someone focused on enhancing the group’s creative output, not in the individual grandeur.

Someone with a strong catalog of work.

Creativity is hard to measure and doesn’t always reveal itself when you need to utilize it most. For artists, inspiration may strike at any time and attempting to measure when it will arrive is a totally ambiguous task. This is why you want to make sure that your songwriter has the ability to produce work within a certain period of time. The best musicians are able to work under pressure and focus solely on their work. Avoid songwriters who appear unfocused or show signs of degeneracy. Familiarizing yourself with the past projects of your prospective songwriter will give you a clear indication of that person’s work ethic.

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